Family Driven in Every Way
That picture above is one of the reasons why I do what I do. Those are 6 of my 10 brothers and sisters (with me in the middle). In 50 years, I probably wouldn't remember huddling together outside because it was so cold that day. I probably wouldn't remember my brother knocking me flat into a puddle. I probably wouldn't even remember my sister stealing the last cookie.  Except for this picture. Pictures are windows into moments long passed. They bring back smells, feelings, and any number of emotions. These are moments we never want to forget.

But even more than all that, pictures have the power to change the family dynamic. It sounds a bit overstated I know, but studies have shown that family portraits hung on the walls of a home help to increase the self-esteem, connectedness, and feeling of belonging in children. I see this in action every day when my daughter looks at her pictures on the wall. Kids can see how much they are loved, they can see where they belong in the world, and they can see that they are highly valued. I would argue the same thing applies to us as adults as well. 

I've never heard someone say they regret having pictures taken, but I certainly have heard people regret not doing so or not going with a professional. Your family having fun together, your new baby, your wedding, are all moments you want to remember. They are worth it. So you worry about having fun and enjoying the moment, and we'll make sure you remember it for a lifetime. 

She captured exactly what I had wanted, and was so patient when I had a fussy baby.  I am so grateful for a wonderful photographer to help capture these precious moments for us to look at forever!
- Lauren (Baby's First Year Sessions)
Jesse McDonald
As the oldest of 11 siblings and now a precious toddler's momma, I know its the every day moments that are the ones we want to remember most in our later years. That face your spouse makes when he looks at you, the attitude your little one pulls (that feels like looking in the mirror), and the joy of a tight squishy hug from our littles is what fills our hearts to overflowing. This is why we try to facilitate genuine emotions and experiences during our sessions. 

I also strongly believe in the power of printed portraits.  Children LOVE looking through books full of their images, walking by portraits on the walls, and even just scrolling through pictures on our phones. Seeing their smiling faces right next to yours remind them how loved and treasured they are. But I also know you're busy with everything else going on in your life! Because of that, I'm equal parts wardrobe consultant, interior designer, portrait artist, and framing professional. My goal is to help you before, during, and after your portrait session so you can get back to life and still be able to enjoy those fun memories for years to come. 

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