Special Events
After over 11 years of working with events of all types, we know how to seamlessly fit into the flow of the schedule. We'll gather information during an initial phone or in person consultation about the event, special guests, your priorities for your pictures, and any other special considerations. After that, just leave it to us. Prices vary based on your event. Please see below for a few examples.
Marine Corps Ball
We are happy to offer photography services at no cost to the unit for all military celebrations offering formal photography to their guests such as a Navy or Marine Corps Ball.  Dates are reserved on a first come first served basis and unit we have worked with previously have first dibs on future dates.  

1) Do you offer digital images?
  • Yes! Every package we offer includes the digital image. Digital images will be made available for download within one week after the event. An email will be sent out to everyone with a direct link. 
2) Do you print on site?
  • No. After personally attending 10 balls as a service member or spouse, I have yet to receive a photograph printed on site that is of acceptable quality. I print my images from industry leading labs and guarantee the clarity and quality of every single one. A print on site machine simply can't compare.
3) How do you deliver prints?
  • Prints are mailed directly to the service member unless that person requests otherwise. They will only be delivered to the unit in the event no address was provided or is illegible and I cannot get ahold of the service member.
4) Do you provide your own flags/colors?
  • Yes. We have used the command's colors in the past and have found it to be an incredible inconvenience for the color guard at the event. Therefore, we bring everything we need to be self-sufficient.
5) Do you take pictures during the ceremony?
  • Yes and No. We do NOT take formal pictures during the ceremony as guests are expected to be seated during that portion of the event. However, if you would like us to photograph the ceremony itself, we certainly can for an additional fee. 
6) Do you pose people?
  • Yes. We've found the right balance between taking an extra 20 seconds to pose people and keeping the line moving. People are generally happier with the experience and the finished product when we take the time to pose them, but we don't take so long that the line becomes inconveniently long.
7) Are you willing to travel? 
  • Yes. We've photographed multiple events in Myrtle Beach, SC while being stationed in Jacksonville, NC. For events more than 1 hour away from Jacksonville, we do require a travel fee to be paid before the event. This covers our lodging and food for that night so we have the flexibility to stay as late as necessary to serve everyone at your event. 
8) How long do you stay?
  • As long as is necessary to give everyone an opportunity to take their formal pictures. Once the line has died down again after the ceremony, we will coordinate with the DJ to make a "last call" announcement. After that, we generally wait about 30 minutes to get the last stragglers and then pack up.

For more information or to see if your date is available, please contact us. 

Special Events
For special events including retirement ceremonies, birthdays, reunions, business events, and just about anything else you'd like to photograph, we work based on an hourly rate of $200 per hour. This includes one photographer, basic editing and a viewing session after your event. We have special package pricing with discounted products for weddings. Please find our wedding photography in North Carolina page for more information.