The ESP Experience

The ESP Experience

Our process is designed with the busy, working family in mind. A portrait session is rarely as easy as just showing up and smiling. There are numerous decisions to be made before and after. What will you do with these images? Where will they go in your home? What will you wear? Where should we print them? What's the best place in my home to hang them? What frame looks best in this room or should I go with a canvas? Is an album a better option for us at this stage in our family? The questions can seem endless, and that's why you hire us. 

We know what clothing colors and patterns go best together in a portrait of several family member; why acrylic is better for a framed print than glass; why a canvas with that funny faces pose would be best in the play room; what the appropriate size of artwork will be for this wall. You'll have all of our expertise to help you make the best decisions for your family and your home and we'll help you get your portraits ordered quickly so you can spend more time with your family. Here's how it works:

Your Planning Consultation

Before your portrait session, we'll schedule a Planning Consultation. This can be done in my studio, in your home, out and about somewhere, or online if distance is an issue. If at your home, we'll walk through your home and answer all of these questions before we even schedule your portrait session. We'll talk about what images to create for which rooms. I'll help you decide on appropriate artwork sizing and design for each space. We'll discuss longevity and flexibility of our offerings should you move or want to update your family gallery. We can even take a trip to the closet and figure out what to wear. At the end of this consultation, you should have answers to all your questions and be fully prepared for your session.

Your Portrait Session

Because of the planning consultation, you'll arrive at your portrait session fully prepared and ready to have some fun. Many of our sessions include children, so we'll play rather than pose. Mom and dad may want a perfect family portrait with everyone looking at the camera (which we'll get), but your kids want to see how much they're loved. They want to play and they want you to play with them. So that's what we'll do! They'll hardly know we've had a portrait session, and you'll be amazed at the images we create.

Your Ordering Session

About 1 week after your portrait session, we'll get together either in our studio or in your home. This is when you get to see your images for the first time! We'll talk about the options you want and finalize your order. Because we already talked about our product offerings and options at our Planning Consultation, this ordering session should be fairly quick! Your custom artwork should then arrive at my studio within 2 weeks.


After your custom artwork arrives at my studio, we'll double check everything and make sure its perfect. If something needs to be reordered due to a printing defect, we will do so at no cost to you. Then I'll set up a time to deliver your artwork to your home and help you install it if you would like. After that, just sit back and enjoy your new custom artwork!


Our sessions are $200 and cover 1 hour of photography at a location of your choosing within 30 minutes of Jacksonville, NC. . After that, you only pay for the products you want. We do NOT have a required minimum purchase (and never will) and offer a wide range of products starting at $150. Most clients (with the exception of wedding clients) spend an average of $750 on a combination of custom heirloom products and digital images. After your Planning Consultation, you should have a rough idea of your total investment based on the items in which you are interested. 

We offer portrait services for multiple needs, please see what services we currently offer in the Eastern North Carolina area.